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Inner- to Inter-cultural communication

The following are some of the recent workshops and webinars I have facilitated that focus on what I refer to as inner-cultural to inter-cultural communication. The term inner-cultural emphasizes the importance of first reflecting internally through guided mindfulness activities prior to engaging inter-cultural discussions of culture, identity, expectations, and behavior. Contact me with any questions and to discuss developing workshops that meet the needs of your community.          

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Dartmouth College,
global leadership

In this collaboration with the Rockefeller Center for Global Leadership at Dartmouth College, we developed and facilitated a workshop over three semesters with three different groups of students. The workshops utilized roleplay, mindfulness exercises, journaling, and dialogue toward a deeper understanding of how culture and identity inform how we can become more mindful communicators and leaders. This is an excellent workshop for any academic or professional setting. Click the following link for an article we published with TESOL International that discusses the workshop, Cultivating Inner- and Inter-Cultural Connections, Leadership, and Wellbeing


As a member and former Chair of TESOL International's Intercultural Interest Section (ICIS), I have been invited to lead webinars on approaches to apply inner-cultural to inter-cultural communication with students, teachers, and professional colleagues. To view a webinar where I present this approach, please click here.   

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Exploring and Expressing Culture through Project-Based Learning  

My article Exploring and Expressing Culture Through Project-Based Learning published in ENGLISH TEACHING FORUM presents authentic, collaborative activities that help students reflect on their own culture and explore other cultures to promote critical thinking and mutual understanding. To view the article, please click here

Cultivating the Mindset, Plan, and Process for Lifelong Learning
Start the year with purpose and intention! In this webinar, you will learn strategies for developing your own and facilitating other’s lifelong learning. Participants will learn current research on neuroplasticity and our ability to learn throughout our lives. Additionally, participants will be presented with a simple protocol to cultivate a growth mindset that they can apply in the classroom. Participants will also be guided in a mindfulness activity to envision and plan their professional development, as well as support their students in accomplishing their language and life goals. All are welcome to attend and participate. Click here to access the PDF of the PPT: 00:00 ICIS Introduction 05:10 Overview 18:45 Neuroplasticity 23:23 Wellness 26:19 Mindset 36:12 Mindfulness 44:35 Inner-cultural to Intercultural Communication 52:20 Plan SMARTER 53:43 Habits 55:19 COPs 56:25 Q & A Discussion Speaker's bio: Raised in a Cuban-Iranian-American family, Dr. Ramin Yazdanpanah has an intimate appreciation and love for diverse languages, cultures, and communication. Ramin aka "Dr. Yaz" earned his doctorate from Florida State University for his research on developing intercultural competence through collaborative intercultural exchange. He has over twenty years of experience as an English language teacher and teacher educator. Ramin is the founder of Full Circle Language Learning and Teaching. His recent projects have supported initiatives from the U.S. Department of State-English Language Programs, the Learning Systems Institute at Florida State University, the TESOL International Association, and the Florida Department of Education Adult Education programs. Ramin regularly delivers presentations and workshops on English language teaching, intercultural exchange, and professional development. He is passionate about cultivating communities of teaching practice and sharing his experience and expertise in English language teaching, teacher education, intercultural communication, instructional design, and TESOL program development. Along with his academic work, Ramin also performs with the Maharajah Flamenco Trio, entertaining and educating audiences through music performances and workshops. A true global nomad, he currently lives and works in both the United States and Turkey.
A talk on setting, mindfulness, and mindset in intercultural exchange
Join us for a #coffeehour about #mindfulness and #mindset with Ramin Yazdanpanah, PhD. Ramin will share his experience leading a series of intercultural communication workshops with university students in a global leadership program in the United States. He will share the activities that he applied in the workshops to cultivate an environment and mindset to support student engagement in intercultural exchange. He will also share students’ feedback on how the activities impacted their understanding of themselves, their peers, and their roles as global leaders. Finally, Ramin will guide participants attending the talk through the mindfulness meditation he used in the workshops. #interculturalcommunication #interculturalcompetence 0:00 Welcome and how to join ICIS 5:36 Introduction 9:28 Overview 11:38 Purpose of the talk 14:04 Background of the project 18:01 Description of the intercultural workshops 20:19 Pre-workshop questionnaire 22:26 The participants 24:20 The setting: Dinner activity 29:12 The Culture iceberg: inner- to inter-cultural communication 33:21 Culture cards from dinner roleplay 36:29 Dinner activity 38:43 Dinner activity: Student feedback 42:30 Mindfulness activity: Mindset rationale 49:09 Mindfulness activity 59:09 Mindfulness activity: Student feedback 1:00:05 Mindful intercultural exchange: Activity 1:01:15 Mindful intercultural exchange: Student feedback 1:03:46 Discussion 1:07:23 Resources 1:27:54 Connect with ICIS Music credit: The Maharajah Flamenco Trio "Vamos Destino"
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