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School & Program Support

Partner with FULL CIRCLE's team of professional teachers, materials writers and teacher trainers to support your English language program and students through the following: 

Classroom materials and lessons

  • Live and recorded model example dialogues.

  • Q&A between students and U.S. Americans.

  • Reinforcement of topics and lessons learned in class.

Support for teachers

  • English language skills to prepare for teaching lessons on vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar in use, culture, etc.

  • English language teaching methodology courses taught by experienced and expert TESOL professors .  


Support for students

  • Reinforce and prepare English language skills for classroom lessons.

  • Feedback on students’ speaking and writing.

  • Reinforce academic subjects in English. 

Contact us to setup a free consultation how we can help create an environment that recognizes, values and leverages our cultural diversity.       

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