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Process Learning Approach

Language learning is a cycle of instruction, practice, feedback and improvement. Through this approach you gain greater language ability and confidence with every lesson.   

Learner as a Whole Person

Our personalized instruction is designed to meet your specific needs, ability, and goals. We also know that language learning can at times be difficult. You will learn and apply mindfulness techniques that will help you focus, relax, and enjoy the language learning process.  

Global Connections

Language learning opens opportunities to connect and engage with the world. Culture greatly shapes our expectations of how to communicate and behave. We focus on helping you to develop your cultural intelligence (CQ) to better understand and more effectively interact with people of diverse experiences, cultures and perspectives.     

Dr. Ramin Yazdanpanah is the founder of Full Circle Language Learning and Teaching. He holds a doctorate for his research on developing intercultural competence within English language teaching programs through focused intercultural exchanges with English language learners. He also currently serves as a consultant to the U.S. State Department’s English Language Programs, an EFL technical specialist with the Learning Systems Institute, a teacher educator with the TESOL International Association, and an instructional designer and teacher educator with the Florida Department of Education.

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Full Circle proudly partners with The Center for Intensive English Studies at Florida State University.

Full Circle recruits qualified English language teachers from the CIES-TEFL Certificate program. Located at Florida State University, and within one of the top intensive English programs in the country, the CIES-TEFL program is situated perfectly for practical and hands-on knowledge of English language learning, teaching, and cross-cultural awareness. Click here for more information.

The Center for Intensive English Studies also offers full-time English immersion courses. CIES offers personalized instruction in a safe, friendly environment ideal if you are looking to enter an American university. Click here for more information.     

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